Francesca facendo trucco permanente della sopracciglia
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About Permanent Make-Up:

The process of micropigmentation is based on the introduction of pigments into the dermal level of the skin with a specialized tattooing needle. The results can last for several years but over time will fade (sometimes completely) as the pigmented cells are eliminated with the natural exfoliation process of the skin. Even with this fading and the need for periodic touch-ups it is commonly referred to as permanent cosmetics as it is ultimately a type of tattoo.

The method combines two great traditions, that of the tattoo (used ornamentally and ritually), and that of maquillage (facial cosmetics), to arrive at an aesthetic and corrective make-up that can persist over time. The technique does not use the same machine and inks as traditional body tattooing as it requires specialized instruments and pigments created specifically for cosmetic tattooing.

Prima e dopo Trucco Permanente

How Long It Lasts:

How long cosmetic facial tattoos last varies. As the bodies natural process of exfoliation of skin cells takes place the pigments introduced will diminish and the colors will slowly fade, typically over a period of two to five years. Age plays a role in determining this time frame as well since the process of cellular replacement is much faster in the young.

Unlike traditional body tattoos where the pigments are introduced much deeper into the skin, cosmetic tattoos require periodic touch-ups to avoid fading away. Usually once a year is advisable but again how often will depend on each individual’s biology and desire. It should also be noted that for the proper results the initial application requires two sessions (primary then touch-ups) at a distance of 30/40 days of each other.

Esempio prima e dopo di trucco semipermanente

Some Of The Advantages

There are indeed numerous advantages for those who rely on this technique. There are those who wear glasses which cause difficulty with make-up, those involved in sports who often see their make-up running together with sweat, those who swim, those forced to get up early and just don’t want to put on makeup. Then there are those who work with the public and find themselves having to fix their makeup periodically throughout the day, who would like to draw a nice lip liner but just find they aren’t able, or who have exaggerated with recurrent depilation of the eyebrows and now find themselves with thin or non existent brows.

The simple and fresh look that permanent cosmetics can give you will help you to get out of the house quickly with just a little blush on the cheeks!



About The Pigments Used:

The pigments and inks used are colored liquids composed of natural mineral powders created specifically for make-up tattoos. They are non-toxic and certified by the CE and the American FDA.